Darren Mothersele

Software Engineer


  • Polyglot programmer with experience in several languages
  • Deep knowledge of ECMAScript (JavaScript) and TypeScript
  • Object oriented and functional programming styles
  • Expertise in architecture, design patterns, and refactoring
  • Test-driven development, DevOps, and continuous delivery
  • Experience of training and mentoring dev teams


Software Development Consultant
Ideation Networks Ltd.
2007 - present
  • My recent experience has focused on defining scalable frontend architectures. Prior to that I had a wide range of experience with backend development.
  • I am experienced in DevOps and improving software delivery performance.
  • I have been lead developer on projects building web apps, mobile apps, and smart-TV apps.
Lead Developer and Researcher
Kendraio Foundation
2011 - 2021
  • I was the lead developer of an open-source "low-code" environment.
  • I consulted on implementation of the Web Monetization API.
  • I was part of three EU-funded research projects on future internet technologies.
  • I was a developer on a Google DNI funded project investigating verification of online news.
Uploader Music
  • I designed and built systems for mass transcoding of audio and management of music metadata.
  • We were a small team working in an emerging market of digital music distribution. I was CTO, lead developer, technical sales, and a bit of everything else.
  • I managed the technology migration after acquisition in 2007.


Post-graduate Research
University of Sheffield
2000 - 2004
  • I was part of the Verification and Testing Research Group, focusing on the formal semantics of object-oriented programming languages.
  • I worked as a teaching assistant, and designed a course in commercial web development for the adult education centre.
  • Included a placement at BRICS Aarhus (Denmark) for a summer school in Logical Methods.
BSc Computer Science (1st Class Honours)
University of Sheffield
1997 - 2000
  • I was awarded the Sir Douglas Lewin Memorial Prize for best examination performance.
  • For my thesis I designed and implemented my own object-oriented programming language.


  • I love learning more about programming languages, software engineering, devops and continuous delivery.
  • I enjoy creative coding, and I created an open source programming language, Cyril, for live coding of 3D visuals.
  • I'm an electronic musician. I make music on the computer, a hardware groovebox, and external synths.