I’ve had the privilege of working on projects for clients such as BFI, CTVC, Paul McCartney, MTV, Victoria & Albert Museum, Elsevier, Dixons, Santander, and consulted on EU-funded research projects P2P Next, Saracen and Bloomen.

Web Monetisation

Working with the Kendraio Foundation as part of the Kendraio Pay project on an Grant for the Web funded project looking at how Web Monetisation can help compensate creative people for their work.

mobygratis: A Serverless Web App

Rebuild of a 12-year-old website from Moby for his mobygratis project. Built using Angular as a PWA, without any back-end servers to manage. Instead the service makes heavy use of the “serverless” paradigm, with Firebase Cloud Functions, Firestore, and AirTable.

Blockchain Research

Working with the Kendraio Initiative as part of the Bloomen consortium on an EU-funded research project looking at how blockchain technologies can help compensate creative people for their work.

BFI Player - Smart TV and Web

Rebuild of the BFI Player as an app for Samsung Smart TVs using Angular 5+. I also worked on some parts of the main BFI Player, including the search service frontend and Elasticsearch backend.

Mediatheque - Permanent Installation

An app for use on-site at the Mediatheque BFI Southbank, on large touch screen devices. Access to curated collections of BFI archive material as well as full search of the BFI’s vast (and growing) digital archives.

Online Video

In 2016, TrueTube made headlines for being the first ever online platform to be nominated for Channel of the Year, and in 2017 became the first ever online platform to win the award. Wow. Also nominated and winner of many other awards

I worked with CTVC through several evolutions of the product. Initially taking them from proprietary system to Drupal-powered web site, then after a few years, migrating to decoupled Drupal backend, Elasticsearch powered API, and Angular 2+ front-end.