How is it made?

This page lists the technology I use on a daily basis, and details of how this site was put together.


My "daily driver" computer is an 2020 M1 Mac Mini a MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) with Apple M1 Max. I also have an old Dell laptop on which I also run macOS unofficially using OpenCore. When Apple update the MacBook Pro line to Apple Silicon, I will probably buy another MacBook Pro computer.


I use IntelliJ IDEA as my IDE for software development, along with the CLion variant for C++, and Rider for C# .NET development.

I use Firefox as my main browser and for web development. I also have Chrome installed for occasional testing.

I also have a range of software installed for music production, including Ableton Live and various VST plugins.

This Website

This website is built using 11ty and Tailwind CSS. It is currently hosted using Vercel Cloudflare Pages (I've had to move away from Vercel for now due to lack of IPv6 support).

The design of this site was influenced by Kev Quirk but re-implemented from scratch by myself in hand-crafted HTML (using TailwindCSS to avoid writing any CSS).